Apps Designed to Promote Sobriety

By Karen Mitchell. Published on 28-March-2019

Apps in the addiction and recovery category are convenient, low cost, and private platforms which help addicts in their recovery process.

Most of these apps are designed using the power of social support and health behavior change models.

These apps normally include features like motivational notifications, sobriety trackers, and fast access to meeting finders and educational resources. Keep in mind that while these apps are a great tool in your recovery treatment, they cannot replace consulting health care providers or attending 12 step meetings.

This article highlights ten apps which were chosen for their evidence-based principals, accessibility, and affordability which could supplement treatment in your journey to recovery.

Stop drinking with Andrew Johnson

Created by Micheal Schneider. This app is designed to help users relax and cope with the physical and emotional cravings of alcohol. It was made to motivate addicts to change their way of thinking about alcohol through engaging with virtual health coach Andrew Johnson. Stop drinking with Andrew Johnson uses principals of hypnotherapy, guided visualizations, relaxation, and positive suggestions to help listeners break unwanted habits. It is available on iTunes and Android.

Sober Grid

This is a social media app which allows addicts to connect with other sober people. Individuals can send private messages, share interests, post photographs, and chat. Sober Grid features a sobriety calculator which tracks the number of sober days achieved. It can also help you find a safe ride to local meetings. And in case you need someone to talk to, it can quickly alert other members. Plus, users have the option of remaining completely anonymous. Download Sober Grid on any Android smartphone or tablet.

My Sober Life

This app was specifically built for youths between 12 and 25 years. It incorporates the 12 step recovery principals in its program and was built in collaboration with young people who have achieved success in their recovery. My Sober Life features daily motivational notifications, a meeting finder, educational resources authored by experts, goal setting, and a sobriety counter. Uniquely, I am Sober also features a personal “Trend Tracker” which enables users to track their personal obstacles and they can earn power-ups as they overcome them. Get My Sober Life on iPhone and Android.

Twenty Four Hours a Day

This app is based on Twenty Four Hours a Day by Hazeldon Publishing. It features about 300 daily meditations for people in addiction recovery. Twenty Four Hours a Day provides users with inspirational messages and allows them to share these messages with their friends and family. Typically, a user just shakes their phone and a motivational quote pops up on their home screen. The app can also sync a user’s smartphone calendar to provide daily inspirational messages. This app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

12 Steps AA Companion

This is the official app for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). It features a digital copy of The Big Book, a best seller which is used in AA meetings all over the world. When you access The Big Book on this app, you can quickly search by topic, adjust font size, and highlight text. The app’s icon does not reference AA and was designed to protect the user’s anonymity. With 12 Steps AA Companion, one can take and share notes during AA meetings, and it also features morning and evening prayers. Plus, it allows access to the contact information of national and local recovery support resources. 12 Steps AA is available on Android and iTunes.

I am Sober

I am Sober is a highly rated app which supports sober living. It offers a range of helpful features with a very intuitive user interface. When you are a day log keeper, this app can help you achieve sobriety milestones by using a behavioral change model. I am Sober features daily notifications to reinforce the recovery journey. And users earn achievements to keep them motivated and focused on their path to healing. Find I am Sober on iPhone and Android app stores.

AA Speakers

Highly rated, AA Speakers enables you to listen to workshops, audiobooks from past AA meetings, and recovery speakers. It includes a variety of speakers (over 300) and also features audio recordings of The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, The Joe and Charlie Big Book Study, and The Big Book. You can download it on iPhone or Android devices.

Squirrel Recovery

This app was designed by scientists with the support of the Ohio State Innovation Fund. Squirrel Recovery was created specifically for people recovering from heroin addiction. It employs the power of social support and positive reinforcement to help addicts remain focused on their path to recovery. Squirrel Recovery sends daily automatic text messages to particular contacts you set as your support system. The messages are meant to remind them to check up on you. The app also features a panic button which when pressed notifies your select contacts to call you immediately if you find yourself experiencing intense cravings. It also sends you motivational quotes and awards you coins when you achieve milestones. Squirrel Revoery is available on Android.

One Day at a Time

This app is for members of Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Adult children of alcoholics. Just like the 12 Steps AA Companion, One Day at a Time features a digital copy of The Big Book. It allows users to highlight text and take notes as they read the book. One Day at a Time includes daily meditations from a range of sources and a contact’s organizer. The contact’s organizer allows users to track any new friends they make at group meetings. One Day at a Time is available on iTunes and Android.


recoveryBox offers a range of features which creators describe as an accountability and recovery toolset. It allows users to track daily activities on a calendar using yellow, green, and red color coding. Yellow lights represent warnings, green lights reflect positive activities which promote recovery, and red lights refer to negative behavior. When users color code their activities, they can learn to identify behaviors which inhibit their progress. recoveryBox also includes a feature which allows users to set goals that are related to earning a specific number of green lights. And these successes can be shared with friends and family. recoveryBox is available on iPhones.

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