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Do you think you can write for a news website such as Usability News? Do you possess the correct level of skill and experience to write about addiction recovery? We accept a number of article types, including how-tos, traditional news articles, stories, tips, news or expertise. All of this is important to our readers and we are sure your experience would serve a valuable purpose once successfully transferred into the written word.

Would you be willing to share useful information with our audience? There are many benefits for doing so.  If you answered yes to this question, we would be delighted to review your writing.

If your writing passing this review stage, we shall happily allow you to contribute to our website, perhaps even on a regular basis. Usability News has built up a solid reputation with many writers, and you could well be our next regular contributor to join our staff.

Can you join our staff writers?

Being a professional writer surely will serve to set you out from the pack when applying to join our staff. However, we also wish to hear from people who are actually in recovery themselves.
Some of the people who are able to better connect with the topic of addiction and recovery typically include:

  • Those who are battling addiction at the moment
  • Those who have been treated for addiction and are now in recovery
  • Those whose loved one is battling addiction at the moment or in the past
  • Those who may have lost a loved one at the hands of addiction
  • Professional addiction workers such as counsellors and therapies

Please note the above list is not intended to be exhaustive. If you do not fall within the above, it is still worth contacting us to outline why you feel you are qualified to write about the subjects of addiction and recovery.

How to get in touch and submit your writing

Before you write any content, it’s best to contact us first either by email or phone. You can contact us by checking out our contact page hosted on this website. Email submissions must be in .txt format. You do not need to mark up your content with HTML, although it does not hurt to do so since you will save our team some time. Marking up your own content also ensures your content looks and feels the way you intended it to do so.

Some of the criteria you must be aware of

Although we encourage you to write for us, we still do need to stick to a fairly solid editorial plan. We also endeavour to only publish factually accurate and non-misleading content. All facts must be meticulously checked and referenced. All content must relate to addiction and recovery since these topic are what we are all about. We also accept content that’s closely related to these areas, such as mental health.

The content we accept roughly falls into one of the below categories:

  • Current news on addiction: These could be the latest discoveries about addiction and recovery, inspiring stories of celebrity recovery, or current actions by governments across the world to combat addiction.
  • Academic essays: We look for academic essays written on the topic of treatment for addiction and recovery, written by academic experts on the subject.
  • Original articles on addiction, treatment for addiction, and recovery.
  • Inspiring real-life stories of recovery from addiction.
  • Fictional short stories (up to 2000 words) tailored to discourage continued substance misuse and encourage recovery
  • In-depth interviews with those suffering from addiction, treatment counsellors, sober companions, friends and relatives of patients or experts on addiction and recovery. The interview must be solely based on the topic
  • Critical reviews of film and literature written about addiction and recovery. The literature may be factual or fiction in genre but should inspire recovery

Please note none of our writers are remunerated for their work. All work is rendered on a voluntary basis. However, you may add the work you complete for Usability News to your professional portfolio. All of our writers are affected by addiction in some way or another, and so staff contribute to our website because they know they will be helping others by doing so.

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